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Dec. 21st, 2008

How Are You Today?

How are you today? I'm cureless about thinking of  you sometimes. Hope everything of you is always cool.

The bomb in my throat has exploded since last night. I was keep coughing and then got fever. It's really uncomfortable, and makes me sleepy and exhausted all the time. I think i got flu and it seems that it will takes a long time to recover. Thankfully, I'm always happy and full of energy in my mind, I won't be beaten by this annoying flu.

Dec. 20th, 2008

19th Bday Party

All of us were in the uniform of high school, kind of nostalgia. Ha ha...

We cooked by ourselves, singing karaoke and drinking. Thanks for them, I had a great night and get lots of gifts.

I can feel there's a bomb in my throat now....i have to drink a lot of water and get more rest. Is it because that I celebrated the bday of 19?

The Day Came In And Out

It's a temple where I went hiking this morning. It locates really high in the mountain of Taipei.

It's almost 4 am on December 20 here, and almost 9 pm on December 19 in Paris. My bday's just passed here, but it is still my bday there. People in Taiwan who take the bday with the ages content 9 as a hard year you are going to have. In the year, some big problems will reveal and you will be truly unlucky if you celebrate the bday grandly which related ages of 9. As for me, I'm not so superstitious but actually I haven't celebrated it too much either. Just had dinner and shopping a lot with friends tonight.

There's a party for me tomorrow. Tomorrow will be not my bday,so it's not counted about celebrating big i think. Ha ha. I'm not a party boy but only with confidants. Wish everything will be cool of me and everyone i care and.....world peace.

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